Technology and globalization are the perfect mix, and today the world is a big global village. As such, the Novelus family is spread all over the globe and our talents work between countries and collaborate across various locations. We can accommodate different time zones and the locations as per client’s needs, while being able to fly to the client’s site if and when need be. All this while successfully providing a cost-effective model that also ensures the high-end qualify our clients expect.

Novelus’ highly-skilled and experienced team will assume full responsibility for the procurement, management and reporting of our clients’ contingent workforce.

This allows managers to reduce costs, mitigate burdens, enhance existing implementation and alleviate valuable corporate resources which in turn enables our clients to focus on their core business.

Most of our clients are looking for more than just a fast placement. By being able to provide the perfect matched resource to the project, Novelus is not only able to staff quickly but ensures providing our clients with the most reliable technical resources.

Our dedicated teams specialize in the following areas:

Targeted Sectors

  • Telecom
  • Technology
  • Software Development
  • Business Operations Functions
  • Business Development

Field Of Expertise

  • Turnkey Solutions
  • Systems Development
  • Project Management
  • Operations & Support

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